Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Teen Vogue: 6 Women Celebrate Their Defining Features

Last month I was featured in Teen Vogue in a story close to my heart. The story featured myself and six other beautiful women discussing all things from self-love, to self-acceptance, bullying and self-harm. It was extremely therapeutic for me to share my story with the world and a dream come true to be featured in Teen Vogue. Firstly because I love Editor-in-Chief, Elaine Welteroth and secondly because the new Teen Vogue is the future! The publication doesn't shy away from addressing often uncomfortable topics and for that I am grateful. Read the full story after the jump!

The Breakthrough

Forget the things people said you were.
Let go of the expectations of others.
Forgive yourself for the mistakes you've made.
Stop living in the past.
Now ask yourself,
Who am I?
What do I really believe about myself? 
Herein lies the breakthrough you've been praying for. 

Ngozi Kemjika


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

From the Bottom of my Heart

Thank you to those that were friends to my face but enemies behind my back.
Thank you to those who secretly disliked me and couldn't bear to see my success.
Thank you to those who tried to crush my spirit. 
Thank you to those who broke my heart.
Thank you to those who swore I'd amount to nothing.
Thank you to those who refused to give me a chance.
Thank you to those who didn't quite get me.
For every closed door,
For every fake friendship,
For any love lost,
Thank you.
You helped to shape my story.
You helped to build a strong character. 
You taught me that even with opposition,
I have the power within me to keep on going.

Ngozi Kemjika

The month of May has been a reflective month for me. Perhaps it's because we are almost halfway through the year already! Recently I've found myself marveling at the idea that everything that I have gone through in life, be it good or bad, has led me to right where I should be today. Life is a journey that is full of ups and downs, roundabouts and uphill slopes. We may hate to admit it, but even the negative things that have happened to us, have helped to shape our story or at least taught us a valuable life lesson. Here are three things I have learnt about being thankful for every life lesson:


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Letter to the Runaway

You keep on running.
But don't you know the person you're running from is yourself?
Face up to your inner issues, deal with them head on.

You keep on running.
But don't you see that the opportunities for your growth stare at you in the distance?
Instead you relentlessly climb over the same hurdle again and again.

You keep on running.
Missing out on what's supposed to be yours.
For fear of making a mistake or having to reveal your imperfections.

You keep on running.
Whilst your best life waits for you with open arms.
Removing dead ends may hurt for a moment in time, but this will spark your reawakening.

You keep on running.
But don't you know that you need to ignite your own breakthrough?

You keep on running.
You have got to stop running.

Ngozi Kemjika


Sunday, 7 May 2017

I Changed

I used to think I wasn't worthy, 
Wasn't able.
That these wounds would never heal.
I used to say why does everything go wrong.
Why me?
That I couldn't do this anymore.

On the outside I was bursting with confidence,
But on the inside a shrivelled soul in despair who'd let outside influences run over my spirit.

Until I found joy.
Until I found hope.
Until I found love.
By grace my minds eyes opened.

Not an easy journey.
In fact a painful one of pruning, 
Unlearning harmful thoughts,
 And replacing them with liberating ones.
Finding God inside of me.
Well He was always there just waiting for me to seek Him.

So now I know I am worthy,
I know I am able.
Wounds do heal.
Things do go right.
I ask why not me?
And yes, I most certainly CAN do this. 

Monday, 24 April 2017


Waiting for a glimmer of hope.
Something to tell me that I'm on the right track.
Could it be that I have lost my way?
Standing still in time,
How did I really get here?
All I want to do is inhale the things I've been fervently waiting for.
Maybe I'm tired.
Maybe I'm lost.
Maybe I'm at the tip of my breakthrough.
Waiting for a glimmer of hope.
To find me.
To remind me why it's all worth fighting for.
That glimmer of hope is waiting for me too. 
Waiting for me to unearth it.
Waiting for me to just be me.
So I wait in heightened anticipation,
For my glimmer of hope.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Queen to Queen

Coated in aureate 
Despite the odds, defiantly remain guided empresses
Our thrones assembled from fragments of scraps, insults and injuries
Yet our sovereignty still remains
Inconsistent with our encounters
But affirmed by our narratives
Regal and poised
Impressive and powerful
Tenacious and glorious
Even when given unfavourable definitions
We artistically perfect them all
For we are art
From a queen to a queen
You are art
You are royalty
That's what you are
That's what we are 

Ngozi Kemjika
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